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Nishikido Ryo Watch

A place to collect Nishikido Ryo related news, photos, translations etc.

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News regarding Nishikido Ryo.
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The purpose of this community is to keep track of news about Nishikido Ryo. Thus, fanfictions, icons and any kind of fanworks are not allowed. This is a place for Ryo related news, facts, translations, pictures and clips.

ryo_watch is open to the public. Anyone may join, and anyone may post.

Please note that everything in this community is members only so you might want to consider joining not just friending the comm.

For further information on sharing media files, please refer to THIS ENTRY!

Any comments, concerns, questions... or if you would like to affiliate: email or PM.
[x] FULL 'RULES' POST [read it!!]
[x] Spoilers, long entries and streaming clips must go behind an lj-cut.
[x] If you post more than one image, choose one as a teaser [max 250px in width] and put the rest under an lj-cut.
[x] All posts should be locked.
[x] Do not change the community default font (type/size/color) outside of an lj-cut.
[x] Absolutely no flaming is allowed!
[x] Make sure to give proper credit for the translations, pics, clips, etc..!
[x] Please use the tags when posting!
[x] Only ENGLISH posts are allowed! (this is an international community).